Global Foods International

Makers of Specialty and Gourmet Cheeses
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Global Foods International, Inc. has been family owned and operated for 4 generations. We are proud to continue a family tradition of manufacturing high quality cheese and providing exceptional customer service.

We produce cheese under our own Traditional Delights brand, as well as private label cheeses manufactured and packed to our customers’ specifications. In addition we offer customized cheeses that are used as functional ingredients by other manufacturers.  Our products are unique and satisfying to the most discriminating consumer.

Some of our specialties include high quality gourmet oven-smoked cheeses and melt-controlled process cheeses.  We smoke our cheese the old-fashioned way by slow-smoking over hickory wood chips resulting in a taste far superior to liquid smoke. Naturally smoking cheese is time consuming and labor intensive, but well worth the effort.  Our melt-controlled cheeses are used as ingredients by bakeries, pizzarias, and meat and fish product manufacturers. 

We also offer conversion services including cut and wrap, shredding, and smoking.

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